The discovery of The Sociopathic Style™ emerged in 2001, when Marion Trent created the first recovery group for victims of sociopathic relationships. Six months after forming the recovery group, Ms. Trent realized that there was much more to the sociopathic relationship dynamics than she had first realized.

Ms. Trent discovered that it is not only essential to identify the sociopathic traits in a person, but to identify the sociopathic relationship itself. When one identifies the relationship style in others and in oneself, it takes the edge off the assessment process and shows accountability, responsibility and a willingness to let go of participating in what Ms. Trent has termed “The Sociopathic Style.” The Sociopathic Style is a trademark of Intra Muros, LLC based in Dallas, Texas.

The Sociopathic Style™ website has experienced exponential growth in recent years. The website itself receives tens of thousands of new visitors and hundreds of inquiries and story submissions each month.

Dr. Kathie Mathis joined Ms. Trent as a Partner to assist in training the Sociopathic Style™ recovery group facilitators. These recovery groups are currently forming in major cities across the country.

A Doctor of Psychology and Nationally Certified Psychologist, Dr. Mathis has certifications in coaching, drug/alcohol addictions, sex addictions, sex offender counseling, pairs relationship counseling, grant writing, court advocacy; and she holds certificates of completion in the 40 Hour Batterers Facilitation and Domestic Violence Advocate training. She is a skilled observer of human interaction and a powerful international public speaker, teacher and trainer.