Marion Trent

Marion Trent, Founder
Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Mentor
Telephone: (512) 692-9220
Support Group Location: Worldwide
Days and Times: By appointment.

Marion Trent is the Founder of the website, Recovery Groups and Support Group Facilitator Trainings. Ms. Trent is an online pioneer of sociopathy research, education, and prevention. She provides healing methods that are extremely effective for those individuals who recognize their own participation in the Sociopathic Style of relating. Those who recover are ones who have a deep, authentic desire to have more meaningful and lasting relationships.

Marion was the first person to create a support group specifically for victims of sociopaths. She is a spiritual counselor, teacher, and healer. Her focus is on the psycho-spiritual aspect of recovery and helps those who are engaging in the Power Triangle as a means of relating to one another.

Ms. Trent responds to hundreds of emails and phone calls every month and has given support to thousands of victims since 2001. Marion’s own recovery processes have been successful, yet evolving and ongoing. She generously shares her journey and recovery tools with others.

Marion has studied contemporary and ancient healing methodologies and is a long-time practitioner of meditation, mantras, and yoga. She is a student and accredited teacher of the late Sri Kaleshwar, a Master Healer, and Indian Saint. Sri Kaleshwar taught Marion numerous spiritual processes and healing techniques which manifested profound healing in herself and her clients.

In the mid-90’s she studied the Principles of the Universe, Yin & Yang Principles, the Divine Feminine and the Five Elements with Master Healers from South Korea.

She has trained as a Volunteer Hospice worker with Author Dannion Brinkley’s Twilight Brigade and is currently active with Heart to Heart Hospice of Texas.

Marion is certified as a Domestic Violence Support Group Facilitator (Victims) through Mathis and Associates and is trained in Suicide and Crisis Prevention through the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas.

Ms. Trent also served as Practioner for One from the Heart Ministry through Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

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