Phallic-Narcissistic PersonalityThe least amount of narcissism and therefore,  the least commitment to The Sociopathic Style™ is in the phallic-narcissistic personality. This is a person who is a perfectionist and who is very concerned about self-image. They are fairly reality-based and can be quite successful. They often have to be right. Their grandiosity is held in check to a great degree by the reality of their accomplishments.

They are often driven to succeed and are often seen as successful. Sexuality for these individuals is based on proving their own sexual attractiveness and their power are derived from the kind of person and often the number of people they can conquer sexually. Life is seen as a problem to be conquered with physical skill and mental prowess.

They do not live through relationships of the heart and have a difficulty truly loving. Their image of self is as a lover and sexual conqueror but not as one who loves. People relating to them will not feel loved and often will feel judged and inadequate.

If that person is willing to confront his/her partner and “lay it on the line” that they need to feel their love or they cannot continue to be in the relationship, the phallic-narcissistic personality is the most likely of the group of narcissists to respond by looking inwardly at themselves and give up the narcissistic style.