Sociopathic TraitsThroughout our website, we may identify individuals as sociopaths or psychopaths. This is not intended to be a diagnosis. It is intended to be a shorthand description of the commitment to the behaviors of the Sociopathic Style™.

An example of this is the reference to Charles Graner as a psychopath in “The Victimization of Lynndie England,” which can be found in our Articles section. We are not equipped to provide a clinical diagnosis for any individuals nor would we want to. To diagnose a psychopath requires well-developed psychiatric and psychological assessment tools that are used in the interview and assessment process with that individual. We stress this information in all of our seminars and workshops. In addition, the understanding of the psychopathic personality as to its psycho-dynamics, neurology and etiology is still in its infancy.

If you suspect you are in a relationship with a psychopath or have been the victim of one, we are here to provide information and support. However, we highly recommend working with mental health professionals who are well trained and understand the dynamics of narcissism; and its effects on individuals in relationships with people who are highly narcissistic. We do not believe our information or our educational programs are sufficient for recovery. Personal therapy is essential to maximize the recovery process.