Mary Whiting

Mary Whiting, M.S. BC-DMT
Healthy New Living,
Carrollton, TX
Telephone: (214) 493-1412
Support Group Location: Carrollton
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Mary Whiting, a Michigan native and former professional modern dancer with the Martha Graham Ensemble, NYC, NY received her M.S. degree at Hunter College C.U.N.Y., NY in Dance/Movement Therapy in 1988.

Ms. Whiting specialized in the treatment of Survivors of Trauma and Eating Disorders in Private Psychiatric settings and Private Practice for 15 years in NYC, NY. Concurrently, she completed extensive training in Gestalt Psychology and ‘Authentic Movement’ utilizing these therapeutic frameworks in her practice. Additionally, she supervises, educates and lectures on the use of non-verbal psychotherapy and its effectiveness in treating PTSD and Trauma Survivors; including other body-mind health and wellness related issues.

Ms. Whiting’s commitment to healing and recovery ultimately laid the foundation for the launching of her business ‘Healthy New Living’ in 2006, further continuing her work as a Dance/Movement Therapist and Wellness Coach in Plano, TX.

It was following an entanglement with a business partner that she became familiar with the ‘Sociopathic Style’ of relating and sought Ms. Marion Trent’s teaching, to learn how to confront the “Power Triangle”, consequently empowering herself to end the destructive path it had brought to her life, personally and professionally.

Ms. Whiting has since dedicated herself to helping others learn how to empower themselves while disengaging from the “Sociopathic Style” of relating.

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