Sociopathic Behavior and Alcoholism

I believe that an alcoholic is sometimes mistaken for a narcissist or sociopath.

An alcoholic person does exhibit some antisocial traits, of course, but it can be confusing to differentiate the two.

This information may help those of you who often ask me about this topic.

Alcoholism is a disease that can be treated — not cured — with abstinence.

Sociopathy cannot be cured. Since it is a personality disorder, it will remain present
even when one takes alcohol out of the equation.

I do believe that a sober sociopath is better than an active alcoholic sociopath.
And, a sober sociopath who finds spirituality is even better.
But, what are the odds? ONE IN A BILLION? Maybe.

Addiction and the Brain


Understanding the brain, and how it works in regards to addiction is critical when it comes to better understanding this plague affecting so many in the 21st-century.

In the addiction world, renowned physician Dr. Kevin McCauley explains in an entertaining and very informative manner how addiction affects the brain. This program is filmed in the outback of Utah. The film uses Utah’s amazing terrain in parallel with the brains landscapes to help the viewer better understand the challenges the brain faces in regards to substance addiction.

If you know anyone that would appreciate an in depth and accurate body of information concerning the disease of addiction, this trailer may be very helpful indeed. There is contact information at the end of the trailer. I hope this information is useful.