By Marion Trent

Divorce rates are climbing. Families are falling apart. Husbands are walking away from their responsibilities without blinking an eye. Mothers are killing their children without remorse. Ex-spouses are alienating sons and daughters from the other parent.

Sociopathy is a “personality disorder” and is characterized by a conspicuous disregard for the rights and needs of others. In the context of a familial environment this could very well begin with a perpetrator parent, who enjoys alienating a child from the victimized parent and is therefore engaging in the psychopathic style, or they could very well be a full-blown psychopath.

In broad strokes, let’s assume a child is being alienated from the other parent and the child is required to be loyal to only one parent. The child will create false memories to secure the love of the perpetrator, since the other parent is “bad”.

The child being stripped of their moral right to show love and compassion toward the alienated parent, will undoubtedly eventually create the sociopathic style in their own relationships and may even become a full-blown sociopath. Many psychological problems will follow the child through adolescence and beyond. And many times, the perpetrator parent could care less about their child’s psychological developement. It could very well be that the perpetrator is mimicking the relationship style they witnessed growing up, and might not be a true Either way, whether or not the perpetrator parent is a true sociopath or is operating in the Sociopathic Style is irrelevant, because in the long run, it is just as damaging for the child. The child is forced to hate the other parent, when the child should be taught to love both parents equally.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is running rampant. When engaging in PAS, parents are definitely creating the Sociopathic Style in their children. Many of the perpetrators seem to be living a normal life, but underneath is a very undeveloped and emotionally stunted individual. Therefore, they may hide behind religious convictions without any regard for the child’s psychological needs. Children are being brainwashed, or told of relationship problems that existed in the marriage. It is a grievous act against children to dump such information on them, but it is not a punishable crime and therefore the perpetrator gets away with it. Is it not this behavior that perpetuates sociopathy in our entire societies? The first step is to recognize the immense pain and suffering caused by parents who use have no conscience about “telling all” to kids who are powerless, and learn to fear and hate the other parent.

I know children must be protected from severe abuse and neglect. I am not writing about the obvious. I am writing about using children as pawns to get back at the other parent. It’s a soul crime.

All parents make mistakes and if they make amends and they are good people, they should not be alienated from their children. There is way much of this going on in our world today!

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