Is Your Life A Journey?

Check out this video by Alan Watts. I have known this message, what seems like, all of my life. However, I have not heard it articulated this way before. I believe, that the most successful souls can be measured by how well they can see through the illusions that are continually thrust upon us, and by how well they have dropped the ego to expand their Light (Consciousness) and grow in Love, all the while knowing that we are ONE and that we take formulas (paths), ourselves and others WAY too seriously.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” -Rumi

Become “Unfuckwithable” With Vishen

This is the replay of Vishen’s live webcast where we shared his hit presentation from A-Fest Greece that involves unifying ideas from three great teachers. Marisa Peer, Sonia Choquette and Dave Asprey. The speech is about “How to Hack Your Past, Present and Future to become Unfuckwithable.

5 Things About the “Unteachable Ones”

Who are the “Unteachable Ones” and how will you recognize them?

The Unteachable OnesThey are the people in your life that tend to speak the three most dangerous words in the English language: “I KNOW THAT!”  Sometimes, it sounds like this: “I already knew that!” “So what? I already know that!”  “I do that already, and I have for years!” They live in a house of cards. Yes, or yes? Always projecting that they have that knowledge, which they really don’t. The proof arrives instantaneously when they are asked and can’t answer the question, even though — per them — it’s been a life-long learning. Doesn’t matter what the subject is. They know it all. You get the picture.

A person who has a huge commitment level to the Sociopathic Style is difficult to teach. It is also very hard to share success stories with them, as they are simply going to say something like, “Great!” They will never ask you, “Tell me more about what you learned.” “Wow, it sounds like you learned a lot.” “What an achievement! Congratulations!”

Nope!  You will never hear anything like that from an Unteachable One.

Here are 5 traits that may help you recognize Unteachable Ones:

1. Someone who feels weak and not in their power tends — or tries — to steal energy from someone who is in their power. When given the opportunity to learn something new, they immediately feel inferior and shut down, walk away, or talk about you behind your back to take you down a notch.

2. They know everything, and much better than you! “Okay, go ahead. Explain yourself and tell me what you know,” they might say while they roll their eyes, sigh, yawn or act completely disinterested in what you are saying. They may ask the question and then interrupt you with something completely irrelevant.

3. Are they really interested in what you know, or what you just learned or experienced? Probably not. People who have  a high commitment level to the Sociopathic Style believe you don’t exist. Your excitement leaves them cold, because  they, themselves, can’t feel or access their own inner core other than feeling jealous. So, how in the heck can they relate to you?   Only through deep, inner resentment that has been festering for years, decades or an entire lifetime.

4. They tend to be jealous people, so if you know more than they, they will try to knock you off your pedestal. Whether to your face with their rudeness, or back-biting.

5.  They may secretly admire you or what you stand for. Hence, they will mimic you and pass on the things you teach them, claiming them as their own. They tend to steal the credit away from you because they don’t want your head to swell, or some such nonsense. They may belittle and shame you by yawning, acting disinterested or make faces while you try to communicate with them. But, alas! They go out and share with others the things they heard you say.  Catchphrases, knowledge, spiritual quotes.  It doesn’t matter what it is. They may try to steal your entire personality, for that matter.  (See the movie, “The Talented Mr. Ripley.”) Scary stuff.

People ask me, “How can we stop these hideous, little monsters?”

You don’t. And, you shouldn’t want to.

The best thing to do is don’t confront them and walk — or run — if you can, far and wide and be with the people who know how to love, uplift and inspire you. Because we all know by now, they do not know how to empower others. From an energetic perspective, once you really get to know them, it feels like they are dead inside. There is no authenticity in their personality.  They have often been called: “Empty, hollow shells.”

Lastly, believe me when I say this — they can not steal anything from you when you have enough Light in you. Light is abundant and unlimited. They may try to dim your Light, but without your permission, they can’t do SQUAT.

Shine on!

With love,

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is, at best,  a nine-year-old kid.

pilot_2_tcm61-81046When I teach my clients about the subconscious mind, I use an analogy that we are passengers on a plane that is being flown by a nine-year-old pilot (the subconscious mind). The kid will always be the pilot; and we, as adults, will not be able to take the  pilot’s place and navigate the plane to our destination. What we can do,  is teach the kid to fly the plane in a smooth way, instead of letting him/her fly it every which way, up and down with no destination in mind.

During certain times in our lives, we all have experienced an out-of-control kid flying the plane straight toward the Himalayan Mountains. Sometimes, we’ve crashed. Other times, we have randomly landed in Paradise, so to speak.  Most current teachings center around the mind and how to change the way we think so we can manifest fulfilling relationships, peace of mind and a beautiful life.

Documentaries like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know?” have opened us to meditation and visualization techniques that lead the mind around by the nose, instead of allowing it to run amuck in any direction it chooses to go.

I have spent most of my life studying contemporary and ancient healing techniques. I love how far we have progressed in these studies and practices and how much they have proved to work when applied on a daily basis.

Several years ago, I discovered Quantum Jumping by Burt Goldman, who spent over 50 years cultivating his knowledge by studying with some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers. His teachings combine shamanic journeying (working outside of time and space) with contemporary shortcut techniques that help the subconscious mind adjust, accept and manifest our highest potential. When we have control over our mind, we can accomplish almost anything. We can let go of the past and live in the present moment without any judgement, fear and regret.  Then, we attract only people who are supportive, loving and authentic and our hopes and dreams become a reality.

Wishing you a safe and comfortable flight!